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Braybrook Primary School

Reach for the stars!

Children's Views

In a survey of children's views across our upper school (Oct 2016), our pupils shared the reasons why they love our school and how we might better work together to be the 'best that we can be'.

Here are a selection of views of our school, from the children's perspective!


I love braybrook primary school because . . .

       'everybody is friendly and the best they can possibly be.'          (Zuzanna - Yr 4)

'everyone is nice to me and treats me how they want to be treated.'  (Harry - Yr 4)  

'there is no bullying in this school.' (Daniela - Yr 4)

'the teachers are awesome and fun!' (Kian - Yr 4)

     'we love our headteacher who is quite crazy but really kind!'        (Kirsty - Yr 4)

'we get to do cooking!' (Ines - Yr 4)

'we get to do lots of fun things like celebrating and having the Evergreen Treat' (Courtney - Yr 4)

'all the children respect each other and equipment.' (Maria - Yr 5)

'the teachers encourage me to do things on my own.' (Millie - Yr 5)

'I feel safe and I have friends.' (Oscar - Yr 5)

'I have challenging work.' (Oliwia - Yr 5)

      'we have great role models and responsible, helpful adults.'             (Saul - Yr 6)

'it helps me prepare for the future.' (Ellith - Yr 6)

'I get encouraged to achieve my goal of being an author.' (Kaitlin - Yr 6)

'I have good, caring friends and great learning.' (Raissa - Yr 6)

'I feel safe here and I'm learning a lot for my SATs.' (Megan - Yr 6)


Our school would be even better if . . .

'we had a 16ft trampoline on the playground!' (Scott - Yr 4)

'we had maths all day!' (Joshua - Yr 4)

'we had pet day.' (Paige - Yr 4)

'the Launch Pad was a science lab!' (Paige - Yr 4)

'we had a disco club!' (Maja - Yr 4)

'Yrs 4 and 5 could be prefects as well.' (Kian - Yr 4)

'we had a pirate ship!' (Harley-Jay - Yr 4)

'we have puddings and starters for seconds!' (Paige - Yr 4)

'we had lots of art homework.' (Zosia - Yr 5)

'our parents came in more.' (Demi - Yr 5)

'we have more languages.' (Lucy - Yr 5)

'I can take charge of my own club.' (Ellith - Yr 6)

'we had . . . more charity work.' (Sophie - Yr 6)