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Braybrook Primary School

Reach for the stars!

Family Values

What’s it all about?

Being part of a family is hugely important . We all need to feel loved and that we belong. There are lots of time pressures on families and sometimes it’s good to stop and think about the things that matter and mean a lot to us. That’s what values are; the things which are important in life and influence how we live.


How does it work?

Each half-term, a new value is introduced at school, by holding arts and crafts afternoons to which family members are invited. There is also a large display board in the main corridor, with ideas linked into the value that we are focusing on and examples of the children’s crafts. For each value, a pack is made available for families to look at, and if they choose to, use for ideas of activities to do at home. (These are now available on the website.) Scrapbooks are supplied, so a record can be kept of the things that families do together and each half-term there is a family prize to be won for the best entry.


What are the values?

Altogether 12 values have been chosen  for this project: happiness, appreciation, love, co-operation, respect, courage, responsibility, tolerance, patience, hope, honesty and trust. These are values that we also strive to promote within our school, so we appreciate your support in these projects and in helping us to do that.


How can I get involved?

Invitations are sent to all parents each half-term, to invite them to join their child for a fun afternoon of crafts. If a parent is unable to attend, other family members are welcome – grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc. Alternatively, take a look at the value packs below and use these to get started! The Family Flyer will include news of the current value, so look out for those in the children’s book bags each half-term.


We hope that you and your family will have lots of fun in taking part.