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Braybrook Primary Academy

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Family Support Team

pastoral lead - Mrs Culver

At Braybrook Primary Academy, we are extremely fortunate to have a highly skilled and experienced Pastoral Lead, who plays an important part in our community networking and support team. Mrs. Culver plays a vital role, working both with our children and parents, offering support, guidance and advice about a whole range of potential issues or challenges, or signposting parents and families to other professionals who might better support their immediate needs.

Mrs Culver is also one of our Designated Safeguarding Leads, meaning she plays a vital role in keeping the children within our school safe.


pastoral lead role:

Our Pastoral Lead covers two key areas:

Supporting children pastorally to enable them to make good progress at school;

Working with families to support their children.


Student Support Officer

We are also lucky to have a Student Support Officer, Miss Cant, who along with supporting the children to attend school well, also supports learning throughout the school.



There are many circumstances that can impact on the progress that children make in their learning; these may be long-term & ongoing situations or an unexpected event that suddenly occurs. We are able to build a mentoring relationship with children, either working with them 1:1 or in small groups. The aim is to help them to cope or manage in different circumstances and to identify and to make changes which will have a positive impact on their experience and outcomes at school.

Our work focuses on children:

  • who need support to address attendance and lateness.
  • whose learning is impacted by behaviour, confidence or low self-esteem.
  • needing support with social skills and managing emotions.
  • struggling with friendship issues.
  • who are dealing with loss, separation, ill health or changes at home.



Nobody knows your child better than you do! Your input into their learning is vital for their progress and success, therefore when we work with children in school we ask to meet with you so that we can gain a better insight into your child’s needs and to discuss how we can best support you.

We all experience times when we need some extra support as a family, when times are tough. We can offer you advice and guidance from a listening ear, through to signposting you to services that are available and accessing support from other agencies within the city.


Please come & chat with us at any time

We are usually outside at the beginning and end of the day,

or you can pop in to see us in school.