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Braybrook Primary Academy

Reach for the stars!

KS2 Cookery Project

At Braybrook Primary Academy, we constantly strive to better support children in their learning, through offering a rich and more varied curriculum and more exciting opportunities through which they can live and learn.

As such, in 2014 we launched a new cookery project for the children of KS2, through which they have the chance to create a range of savoury and sweet dishes during the course of the year. Over the course of each term, EVERY member of each class from Yrs 3 – 6 has the opportunity to work for one morning with our Cookery Lead, in a team of three, in our teaching kitchen. This is FULLY funded by school and there is no charge to parents.

This experience, we feel, brings many benefits to our children, not only promoting reading, writing and the application of mathematical skills in context, but also encouraging the development of life skills which will better support them in the future. In their sessions, our children:


  • discuss issues linked to health, safety and hygiene in the kitchen.
  • share recipes and better understand the necessity of following precise instructions.
  • use mathematical skills linked to weighing and measuring, up-scaling recipes and understanding time.
  • gain an understanding of the produce with which they are cooking, how it is grown and where it comes from.
  • develop and practice various skills required to cook.
  • taste and try new foods.
  • eat with friends and enjoy socialising over a meal.


During the autumn term, our children work together to create rich, winter warming soups, whilst in the spring they explore and try 'International Cuisine'. Our favourite term by far, however, has to be the summer, when traditional, fruit inspired desserts are the order of the day!


Why not download our recipes & try them at home?!