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Braybrook Primary Academy

Reach for the stars!



At Braybrook Primary Academy we intend to give all the children equal opportunities to become physically literate, confident individuals. We also focus on ensuring the children become well rounded individuals in terms of their emotional development as we focus on key qualities such as teamwork, communication, sportsmanship, respecting each other and aspiring to achieve. These two aspects of Physical Education combined we hope will encourage the children to have a life-long love of sport and being physically active. Alongside the physical, emotional, and social aims of Physical Education we also intend to make children aware of how to keep a healthy lifestyle and understand the benefits this can bring throughout their livelihoods.


PE at Braybrook Primary Academy provides enjoyable and challenging lessons through a wide range of sporting opportunities. We cover a wide range of sports such as: team games; striking and fielding sports; outdoor adventurous activities; ball and racket sports; gymnastics and dance; athletics.

These opportunities are delivered through the experienced and talented company Youth Dreams Project that pride themselves on delivering high-quality physical education lessons. The Youth Dream Project deliver sessions physical education lessons from EYFS- Year 6. Along with the Physical Education lessons within school we also offer several Extra- Curricular clubs. These are run by YDP (Youth Dreams Project) and teachers within the school.  A long-term curriculum plan has been created by the P.E Subject Leader that has a wide range of opportunities to try different sports throughout the years. It also has been carefully constructed to meet the aims of the Physical Education National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

The children then have the opportunity to compete competitively and non-competitively with other schools within Peterborough. We are part of Peterborough and Cambridgeshire’s School Games and Orton Cluster Partnership ran by Nene Park Academy which provide opportunities to compete competitively and non-competitively in a wide range sports such as tag rugby, football and athletics. They also provide opportunities to run events in school that increase participation in sport and promote development of social and emotional features such as The Friendship Run. These competitive and non-competitive allows the children to implement the skills learnt within P.E lessons in a context outside of the classroom. Once a year we also have a sports day that is inclusive to every year group and continues to promote striving to achieve both as an individual and as ‘team’

From years 4-6 the children spend a term each year at the local swimming pool improving their confidence in and around water. They are taught to use a range of strokes to swim 25 metres and, they are taught general safety tips on how they can keep themselves safe in water and how they can save others in difficulty.


The impact from our lessons and opportunities we create at Braybrook is one that we hope to be positive. We hope to inspire the children to have a life-long enjoyment of being physically active. This will continue to better their physical and mental health. We also hope to give the children the correct skills that will help them not only within sport but in general life such as teamwork, communication, competitiveness and sportsmanship.