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Braybrook Primary School

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Parents' Views

At Braybrook Primary School, we are constantly striving to improve our performance and value the comments and feedback that our parents give us through the letters and surveys that go home during the year. Whilst we know that there are inevitably areas identified that we need to continue to work on, it is always wonderful to receive recognition for the things that are going well and the hard work that is put in by all staff and stakeholders during the academic year.

We were thrilled to receive 153 replies to our Parent Survey during November 2017's parent consultations. We were delighted by this level of response and can now share with you some of the key findings, which evidence our continued improvements.


Happily, the survey shows that:

100% of parents:

  • feel that their child is well looked after at our school.
  • agree or strongly agree that their child feels safe at Braybrook.

97% or more of parents:

  • feel that their child is taught well at our school and is making good progress.
  • feel that the school meets their child's particular needs.
  • recognise that our school helps their child to develop skills in communication, reading, writing and maths.
  • acknowledge that the school helps them to support their child's learning and keeps them well informed. 
  • celebrate the good standard of behaviour at our school.
  • would recommend our school to another parent.

In addition to these successes, the very large majority of parents felt that the school responds well to their concerns and tackles cases of bullying effectively. This only further reinforces the great work of the entire ‘Braybrook Family’ and the strength of parents' continued partnership and commitment to our school. 


That said, in the light of parents' feedback, over the rest of the year we will continue to work to:

  • further develop our strategies and systems to inform and communicate with parents, through parent open sessions, parent forum opportunities, revised termly progress reports and regular communication and updates through both our website and media pods.

So far, we have had a fantastic year. With parents' continued support and feedback, we now look forward to the exciting activities and events that the rest of the year brings.