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Braybrook Primary Academy

Reach for the stars!

Remote learning

This page is designed to share resources, in the event of whole school or Year Group 'Bubble' closure.

We are keen to minimise disruption to our children’s education, and a variety of learning opportunities for EVERY year group can be accessed from this updated 'Remote Learning' page.


On this page, under each Year Group tab, there are activities for both indoor and outdoor learning moving forward. This is in line with expectations from the Diamond Learning Partnership Trust and schools within our Trust family. Please feel free to dip into these activities, or any other year group's provision, for your child.


In addition to this, you will find: 

Your child's current 'Curriculum Newsletter'

A range of topic based cross-curricular 'Home Learning' ideas

Learning tasks to support daily arithmetic and reasoning, reading, SPAG and topic


Links to learning can also be found at:

Oak National Academy -


    Should you have any safeguarding or 'Child Protection' concerns                  during periods of school closure, please contact the                Designated Safeguarding Leads through school or the links below:

Miss Emma Green: / 07395 963126

Mrs Annette Goodyear: / 07395 965702

Miss Sarah Bryan: / 07395 904571


THANK YOU for your ongoing support at this challenging time.