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Braybrook Primary Academy

Reach for the stars!

School Council

Making our school a fun and exciting place,

where children learn great things!


Our School Council was set up to provide a platform for us to get our voices heard. It provides us with the opportunity to get more involved in the way that the school is run. As councillors, we develop skills such as confidence, communication and negotiation. It is our responsibility to ensure that we express both our own views and the views of all the children we represent.  As part of our role, we also organise fundraising events to raise money, not only for our school but also for different charities.


How does it work?

We kick-started the year with our yearly school council elections. Children who wished to be a part of the council were invited to deliver a speech to their class. There were many strong applications and the voting was very close! Following the speeches, class members were invited to vote for their preferred candidate.

Following on from the class elections, the council held their first meeting and decided how to go about allocating roles within the group.


The Story so Far:

Last year, we were very fortunate to be able to visit the Mayoral Chambers. We listened carefully as the Mayor spoke about local politics and how it works. We had the chance to ask any questions and then went on a guided tour around the Town Hall. We learnt many fascinating facts about the building.

We have also taken part in a special ‘Democracy and Decision Making’ workshop, with James from the Parliamentary Education Department. We learnt all about how to make good choices for ourselves and those around us.


Future Projects:

In the coming months, we are hoping to:

  • Organise charity events to support various local and national charities. We are looking forward to getting our creative hats on in order to organise some fun events!
  • After a discussion about potential projects to help make the school even better, we have identified ‘Food Waste’ as something that we would like to tackle. We are looking forward to conducting research into school lunches and then identifying practical ways to deal with any issues that arise.